Driving Mobility : Helping You Come One Step Closer to Independence

Living with a debilitating disability can be extremely challenging; basic tasks such as eating, cleaning and travel can quickly become mammoth operations that unfortunately, cannot be completed alone. However, the future is changing – technology is evolving at a rapid pace and disability vehicle modifications are becoming much more accessible through government funding and availability. 


A 2016 survey completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that of the 4.3 million people with mobility limitations, only 65.9% could use most forms of public transport with no difficulty and a staggering 14.7% are unable to use any form of public transport. With statistics like these becoming more prevalent, it has created a market for a new form of transport – allowing those with disabilities to regain their driving independence.   

Driving Mobility, the latest business venture of Australian renowned company ‘Auto Extras,’ aims to remove the difficulty and stress of travel when living with core activity limitations. Auto Extras was first founded in 1985 by Ian Kearley, who already had 10 years of mechanical experience under his belt. Following the conception of the business, which serviced cars, vans and fleet vehicles, the company expanded to adapting and modifying vehicles and leasing and hiring wheelchair accessible vans to the public in 2005. From hand controls to left foot accelerators, transfer aids, wheelchair stowage and even pedal extensions, Driving Mobility can do it ALL.

We understand this can be a daunting and delicate process. From the initial quoting stage and funding applications, all the way through to completion of the vehicle, we are with you every step of the way.

The long-standing members of our community may have curiosities regarding the decision to split our business, Auto Extras, into two sister companies: Driving Mobility and Tradesform. The need arose when focusing on the desires of our customers; what can we do as a business to help make this process smoother and of higher efficiency and what do customers truly require when making the decision to modify their vehicle? We pride ourselves in our higher levels of communication, trust and support, and the highest degree of industry knowledge applicable in any situation.

With a greater focus on providing detailed information through our new website, blogs and social media, including simplified quoting software and an online platform for booking appointments, you can remain confident that Driving Mobility has your best interests first and foremost throughout this process.

Here at Driving Mobility, we tailor all our modifications to suit each individual need. We create opportunities, social interactions and laughter, life-long memories, peace-of-mind and independence within our clients.

If you are ready to start your journey with Driving Mobility, please get in touch with one of our Mobility Specialists today.