Low floor conversions

Want to travel in your wheelchair without being stuck in a bus?

A lowered floor van is a great way to stay in your chair but in a smaller vehicle.

Low Floor Conversions
Helping You Come One Step Closer to Independence
Low Floor Conversion

How does it work?

We cut the rear bumper and floor, replace it with a lowered floor and ramp system, and then modify the tailgate to accommodate the new bumper. This allows a greater entry height and spacious interior without raising the roof.

A lowered floor makes it easy for anyone to enter and exit the vehicle in their wheelchair, and provides great visibility and headroom without requiring a larger vehicle.

Wheelchair restraints are installed front and rear according to the carer’s requirements, with many clients choosing the electric restraints or winch for easiest loading.

Available vehicles for conversion

Van lowered-floor conversions are available for the following vehicles:

  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Volkswagen Multivan/Caravelle

what we offer?

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service with the ultimate attention to detail to ensure a perfect finish every time.

As part of this service, we are happy to assist where we can in the purchase of the vehicle to try and make the process as smooth as possible.

Once the vehicle has been delivered to our workshop, we will complete the modifications within 4-6 weeks so you or your client don’t need to wait any longer!

4-6 Week Guaranteed Turnaround

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Free 1 Week Trial


Q. Is it easy to use?

Yes, the drop floor conversion is designed for ease of use. With a simple latch to release the ramp and electric restraints that connect to the wheelchair and bring it in, the design allows for simple functionality that anyone can use.

Q. How many people can fit in the van?

The Volkswagen Multivan allows for up to 6 passengers and 1 Wheelchair.

Q. Do you convert any other types of cars?

We offer a drop floor conversion in a Volkswagen Caddy as well as many other options for wheelchair stowage and/or self drive in a multitude of other vehicles.

Q.  How does the wheelchair get into the vehicle?

The latch is released and the ramp lowered. The restraints then pull out and connect to the wheelchair allowing the chair to be wheeled in and restrained with the additional restraints and lap belt keeping the chair safe and secure within the vehicle.

Q.  Can you park in standard parking garages?

Yes, the height of the vehicle allows for parking in most standard parking lots.