NDIS Provider - Vehicle Modifications

With more than 4 million Australians living with a disability, it’s crucial to provide support to these individuals in order to make their lives easier. That’s our mission here at Driving Mobility; we’ve been an NDIS official partner for over three years, acting as an NDIS vehicle modification provider, proudly working with occupational therapists and plan managers for NDIS vehicle modifications. As an NDIS registered provider, here are some of the most popular vehicle modifications we offer.

NDIS Provider Number: 4050005997


Hand Controls NDIS

Hand Controls

We offer both manual and electronic hand controls to make driving more accessible. Our manual and electronic hand controls provide disabled drivers the ability to accelerate and brake without having to rely on using foot pedals. Meanwhile, our steering-wheel-mounted spinner knob devices make it easier to turn the wheel safely and accurately, even in cases of limited dexterity or mobility.

Hand controls can include multifunction keypads for operating indicators, horn & windscreen wipers.

Pedal Modifications NDIS

Pedal Modifications

Pedal modifications include pedal extensions for people of short stature.

Left Foot accelerators offer the ability to operate to accelerator using the left foot. Manual left foot accelerators are quickly removable with a quick screw release locking and the electronic left foot accelerators are able to be engaged & disengaged via a dash mounted switch.

Wheelchair Transfer Aids - NDIS

Transfer Aids

Driving Mobility is your first and best choice for transfer aids. We have smart transfer lifts, turn-out seats, ideal for cars and SUVs, and our more universally-accessible, extendable tip-up plates, all of which provide increased accessibility for anyone entering or leaving a vehicle. 


Internal & External Wheelchair Stowage

We have solutions for almost every size vehicle when it comes to stowing wheelchairs safely and easily while in transit. Our external wheelchair storage system features a roof-mounted hoist for foldable wheelchairs. Meanwhile, our platform lift-style internal wheelchair storage options are ideal for slightly larger vehicles with the cargo space to accommodate more robust chairs or mobility scooters that aren’t foldable. Crane style hoists are a common addition for loading wheel chairs & scooters into the rear cargo area.

Wheelchair Loaders - NDIS

Wheelchair Loaders

There are a variety of wheelchair loaders available to address wheelchair sizes, vehicle types and client needs. An assessment of each client and vehicle will determine the optimal loader. Wheelchair loaders are available in solid platform, vertical split and horizontal split styles.

Low Floor Conversions

Low Floor Conversion

The lowered floor conversion is the optimal choice for wheelchair access as this has the most simple functions of all wheelchair modifications. The low floor conversion allows sufficient headroom for the wheelchair occupant to access and travel in the vehicle, without sacrificing on line of sight, and allowing the vehicle to access public carparks. Additional seating can be added to the vehicle for carers and passengers.

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